Weird Pass Beneath Congdon I & II
sterling silver, silk ribbon

named for an almost hidden path stumbled upon in a walk beneath congdon street

These necklaces were created as an embodiment of a more fleeting state of mind taken while walking. The pattern weaves through the piece, responding to each break and fold. The marks are scattered and lead the viewer around each sheet while the form itself moves and responds to the body.

Pink House
carved graphite, silk 

named for a particular pink house seen while walking

This necklace was the first made after a series of ritual walks. Each section has a unique topograph and pattern—moving seamlessly from one piece to the next. Because it is made of graphite, over time the piece will continue to wear down as it is physically worn, leaving its mark on the wearer.

oxidized sterling silver, silk ribbon

named in response to a specific bridgeway frequently crossed on walks

This pendant is intended to be more contemplative than other works.The piece is adjusted to the body in a way that makes the engraving personal to the wearer. The marks shift in density over each plane pulling the eye in and out of the work, just as my gaze shifts in and out of spaces when walking.