Intro to Engraving @ Brooklyn Metalworks 
This six-week course is a comprehensive introduction to the art of engraving as it relates to jewelry. Using both hand-engraving and air-assisted methods, students will develop an in-depth understanding of the tools used in engraving and the control that’s required for carving into metal surfaces. Processes such as tool sharpening, image/mark development, design transferring, and general surface finishing techniques will be developed through a variety of exercises.

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Exhibiting in Hearts + Flowers 
A juried group exhibition exploring the souvenir and sentimentality—curated by Leslie Shershow and Jessica Anderson. 
On View at Brooklyn Metal Works, September to November, 2021

Brooklyn Metal Works 
640 Dean St, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Exhibition Begins: September 16th, 2021
Opening Reception: September 17th, 2021
Exhibition Ends + Artist Talk: November 12th, 2021

JUNE 2021

CERF+ Get Ready Grant
This spring I was fortunate to reviece a CERF+ Get ready grant to further protect the safety of my studio. The funds were use towards purchasing a state of the art dust extractor and materials to construct a compact down draft table and power-carving box for working with graphite. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to imporove the safety of my process and space.


Self-Medicated @ NYCJW 
Four-person virtual exhibition presented during New York City Jewelry Week 2020. 

Self-Medicated is a collaborative exhibition between Valerie James, Dabin Lee, Leslie Shershow, and Kelly Temple. Their disparate work explores how jewelry serves to modify, heal, and enhance the body and mind. In this exhibition, the artists explore acts of making and wearing through a series of exchanges focused on experiencing the transformative power of jewelry. Considering themes of intention and engagement, each artist analyzes and documents the interaction between jewelry and its wearers. The result is an examination of purpose and process in making and experiencing jewelry. Self-Medicated acknowledges adornment as a quick-fix approach to empower the wearer in adopting the artist’s ambitious objectives.


Quiet Temperament @ NYCJW
Two-person pop-up exhibition debuted duirng New York City Jewelry Week 2020.


AMEND: 100 Years 100 Jewelers 
AMEND commemorates the 100th anniversary of the adoption of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution, also known as Women’s Suffrage. This exhibition brings to the forefront the continued fight for true universal suffrage by promoting and supporting initiatives that combat voter suppression and advocate for expanding voting rights while recognizing the work of the suffragists.

Find the exhibition publication here. 

MAY 2020 

SNAG: As Good as Gold 
The sixth juried member online exhibition in the We Are SNAG Membership Series 


Surface Level Opens at Intro by Marzee
The surface of an object is a boundary or a threshold that enables contact with the object itself. Artists and jewellers must be hyper-aware of the treatment of surfaces as they act as both the initial physical connection to a wearer, as well as a visual one. Surface Level is an exhibition of work by several Intro artists who are thinking about surfaces in their practice as a way to access deeper meaning and context. The surfaces of each piece engage the wearer, revealing certain aspects of their presence, yet concealing parts of themselves for further exploration.

Curated by Valerie James.


Exhibitng in Dream Machine @ NYCJW 
First inaugural Dream Machine exhibition presented during New York City Jewelry Week 2019. 

Abrons Art Center, LES, Manhattan
Opening Reception: Thursday, November 21st 6-8pm


Moving to Amsterdam for the Marzee for Starters Fellowship
Intro, established and supported by Galerie Marzee, is a new and unique gallery focused exclusively on emerging jewellery artists. Intro provides a space for recently graduated jewellery students to show and sell their work for a period of three years. It will be managed, in three-year cycles, by graduates and/or undergraduates from international schools and academies. Students and alumni from the Jewelry + Metalsmithing department at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in Providence, USA, are managing the gallery for the inaugural three-year period.

JULY 2019

A series of posts on fresh graduates in fashion, jewellery and design from around the world. Handpicked by Current Obsession.

JUNE 2019 

Baltimore Jewelry Center Artist in Residence 
A one month residency held at the Baltimore Jewelry Center, beiginning end of Jun thorugh end of July. 
Pop-up exhibiton and artist talk: July 23rd, 6-8pm 

Instants//Intervals at Brooklyn Metal Works 
A solo exhibition presenting the thesis work of Valerie James.
Opening reception June 15th, 7 – 9 pm
On view June 16th – August 3rd
Artist talk August 3rd, 3pm